Impacting the Lives of Others

29 Sep 2020

With the belief that everyone has a purpose in life and that it can only be fulfilled in relation to others, Angie Chen entered the field of social services as she feels that her “actions will create a real and definitive impact on the lives of others.”

AngieChen_SunRay_-Bene1As a Programme Head with SUN-DAC, Angie’s job is to lead a team in managing the day-care centre and develop activities that serves to empower and dignify the lives of adults with varying intellectual disabilities.

Prior to this, she was an Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) Manager, overseeing programmes catered for children with special needs. Through the interactions, it allowed her to see the challenges that her clients faced, resulting in her desire to play a bigger role to help them overcome their difficulties. She decided to join the Sun Ray scheme. 

“I saw the opportunity to network with like-minded social service professionals on a larger platform and engage them on the pertinent social issues and related policies that are close to my heart,” shares Angie. “With the sharing of knowledge and resources, we would be better equipped to overcome the challenges in hand and work towards improving the sector as a whole.”
Through the scheme, Angie was groomed to take on a leadership role, developed a deepened understanding of the community and her perspectives towards work and life was also sharpened.


Angie also incorporated a reflective culture of valuing and dignifying the lives of her clients, caregivers and partners in SUN-DAC. Under her leadership, the programme activities became more meaningful and functional as it became more relevant to their clients’ needs too.
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