Rethinking Mental Health : Empowering you and your community by Limitless

08 Sep 2021

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Hear from the mental health professionals and community leaders about how you and your community can make a positive impact to the mental health of those around you. We know that helping a friend and loved one, finding support, or even seeking professional help for yourself is not easy. So, whether you're a friend, family member, person in recovery, community leader, or aspiring changemaker, we've planned topics to help empower you to become a catalyst for change!

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#1 The Challenges of Getting Help & What You Can Do


Studies show that it takes up to 6 years for a person struggling with a mental health condition to seek help. And things can get very bad during that period of time. Join us as we discuss some of the challenges that youths face when seeking help, and explore how you can help make help seeking easier.

Asher Low Founder & Executive Director, Limitless - btl fest 2021

Asher Low
Founder & Executive Director, Limitless

The founder and current Executive Director of Limitless, Asher is a social worker with more than ten years of experience working with young people. Currently on board as a member of Tote Board/NCSS’s Gifting Circle for Children and Youth Mental Health, Asher also works to explore how the social service agencies, statutory boards and government bodies in the mental health landscape can further support young people with mental health conditions, as well as facilitate prevention of said mental health conditions through trauma informed work


Deborah Goh
Clinical Psychologist

Deborah is a clinical psychologist in a local specialist trauma setting, and a volunteer with Limitless. She works with children, youth and families who have experienced abuse and neglect trauma, have suspected or diagnosed mental health concerns, and present with sexual or violence risk. She also has experience speaking with professionals from social service agencies, as well as members on the public, on topics including, understanding mental health diagnoses in young children, supporting caregivers of children with mental health and developmental diagnoses, working with survivors of child sexual abuse and their non-offending carers, forensic interviewing of young abuse victims/offenders, and the use of psychometric tools to identify trauma, behavioural, and emotional difficulties. 


#2 Reimagining the Future of Youth Mental Health – “Rallying and Empowering our Youths for Good”.


In this Masterclass, Ming Xiu, the Founder and Executive Director of Campus PSY (Singapore), a registered non-profit organization that aims to promote mental health awareness and peer support among youths and young adults in the schools and workplaces, will share how we can rally and empower our youths for good, and to reimagine the Future of Youth Mental Health through innovative ideas, de-stigmatizing mindsets, shifting attitudes and creating a culture of empathy through peer support, effective outreach and engagement strategies, building strategic partnerships with the 3P (People, Public and Private) sectors. To create a sustainable and scalable movement for change in the youth mental health landscape in Singapore. 

Cho Ming Xiu Founder & Executive Director, Campus PSY (Singapore) Cho Ming Xiu

Founder & Executive Director, Campus PSY (Singapore)

Cho Ming Xiu is the Founder & Executive Director of Campus PSY (Singapore). The registered non-profit organisation aims to promote mental health awareness and peer support among youths and young adults in schools and workplaces through advocacy, training, support, volunteering and intervention, to create an inclusive and supportive community for youths with mental health issues. As Co-Chair of the Youth Alliance, an Inter-Agency ground-up Mental Health Committee, comprising of Government, Healthcare, Social Service agencies and the Institutes of Higher Learning, catalysed by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), in partnership with the National Mental Health Anti-Stigma Campaign, “Beyond the Label”, Ming Xiu co-leads the efforts in addressing the stigma towards youths with mental health issues in the Institutes of High Learning (IHLs) through public education, outreach and support.


#3 Empowerment and Enablement towards Mental Well-being


For more than a decade, much has been done to build the capability and capacity in the community to better support people at risk or with mental health issues under the Community Mental Health (CMH) masterplan. The current COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for more mental health support especially for working adults, caregivers and youths. The prolonged restrictions and constant adjustment of safety measures have inadvertently created uncertainties and mental stress on everyone. Despite the many negative consequences of COVID-19, the pandemic has also increased awareness on the importance of good mental health, created opportunities for new approaches including digital solutions and empowered the people and the community to take care of their mental wellbeing.

Can we ride on this wave of the “new norm” and take a more sustainable approach towards building mental well-being through empowerment and enablement of the individuals, organisations and community?

Tan Weng Mooi Pharm D, EMBA Director/Co-Head (Integrated Health Promotion), MOH Office for Transformation Care (MOHT) Tan Weng Mooi

Pharm D, EMBA
Director/Co-Head (Integrated Health Promotion), MOH Office for Transformation Care (MOHT)

Weng Mooi has over 30 years of experience in health care. She currently co-leads in the development of healthy precincts and digital mental health strategies and solutions. One key digital platform developed is twinned with AI-chatbot Wysa. It aims to empower and enable individuals to take care of their mental well-being with self-help resources, assessment and activities in an anonymous and safe space.

Before then, she was the Chief of Caregiving and Community Mental Health in a government agency. She led a team in the development and implementation of the national plan on caregiving and community mental health. The national masterplan aims to maximise potential of individuals and support aging in place in the community. It achieved this through developing capacity and capability of providers, building integrated networks to enhance care coordination across health and social care. For over 20 years, she served in a variety of leadership roles including Chief Operating Officer in Singapore’s leading mental health institution.


#4 Creating Safe Spaces Within Your Community


How can we take greater responsibility over our communities that we are a part of? We talk about types of opportunities, programmes and conversations that we can all initiate that allows safe spaces to not remain as an idea or rest only on the shoulders of counsellors, but something all of us can be a part of.

Founder, Colours Global

Isaac Ong was a finalist on The Voice Singapore and Malaysia, and has a life mission to use music, media and messages to transform society positively. His heart is for the under-served in our communities and taps onto the potential of our media platforms to raise awareness of social issues around Asia. He started Colours Global, a social enterprise that tackles social problems on two fronts. One is working with overseas non-profit organisations to help specific nations and the other is a social media agency that helps non-profit to build a stronger online presence. Isaac is also part of a national Christian youth movement called IMPOSSIBLE, and works for a local church in Singapore with their online ministry. Isaac believes that change does not need to be tough and impossible, but it starts with a self-awareness of what we have in our hands.


#5 Young Catalysts of Change: The CHAT Ambassadors Programme in Singapore


CHAT Ambassadors are young people (aged 16 to 30) who are passionate about making a change in the mental health landscape in Singapore. They are the youth voice that provides valuable insights into how CHAT should improve our service to serve our young people better. Join us to be inspired by the power of small steps in being catalysts of change through the journeys of our CHAT Ambassadors!

Doris Cheong Youth Support Worker, Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT)

Doris Cheong
Youth Support Worker, Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT)

Doris Cheong embraces the magic of leading from a step behind. As a Youth Support Worker trained in Solution-Focused approach at CHAT, she engages and supports young people with mental health distress by holding space for them to explore, and respecting their autonomy in uncovering personal strengths and possibilities. She also empowers CHAT Ambassadors (youth mental health advocates) in impacting change through this process of co-discovery; and continues to advocate for youth mental health through talks, media interviews and panel discussions. By also holding space for herself, Doris recharges in solitude and music. 
Low Giok Khim Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT)

Low Giok Khim
Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT)

Giok Khim has a background in psychology and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the National University of Singapore. She is also trained as a Solution Focused practitioner. At CHAT, she works with youths to help them gain a better understanding of their mental health. Her work includes providing mental health assessments for CHAT clients and holding safe space with young people as they try to address their mental health concerns. With the firm belief in the strength of our youths, Giok Khim works closely with young people through the CHAT Ambassadors programme to harness their voices and perspectives to effect change and raise awareness of issues in the youth mental health landscape.  

Note: Kindly note that this session will be recorded for record-keeping and will also be put up for viewing online after the session.