TechUP Friday!s and Tech-and-GO Support SSAs

14 Jul 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for SSAs to enhance their technological capabilities. 

Since Oct 2020, “TechUP Friday!” and other webinars have been organised for SSAs to attend vendors’ demonstrations and learn from other SSAs who were early adopters of technology. More than 1,000 social service professionals have attended these sessions. 

“I find TechUP Friday!s a good opportunity for users like me to be aware of what kind of systems are available in the market, how far technology in this area has progressed, and what types of processes and functions can be automated.”

Ms Anne Lai
Head of Finance and Corporate Administration,
Mercy Relief Limited


“Tech-and-GO!” is a one-stop technology hub that provides SSAs with pre-scoped funded digital solutions. SSAs can save on time and resources to search for suitable services and equipment. They will also benefit from one-to-one diagnoses and fully-funded advisory services to address pain-points. In addition, “Tech-and-GO!” Hub offers curated training courses for SSAs at the strategic, managerial and operational levels. 

“Our physical operations were affected during the pandemic. Funding support from the Invictus Fund was pivotal in defraying the upfront costs of implementing our digital enhancement plans. The list of preapproved vendors sped up our selection process of engaging solution providers for our digital needs. In addition, the Consultancy@Tech-and-GO! session was useful in assisting AMP to identify our most critical IT needs and to plug digital gaps within our operations.”  

Ms Shiffa Khumaira
Fundraising Manager, AMP Singapore