Launch of Skills Framework for Social Service at Social Service Institute Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2019
  • Skills Framework for Social Service guides new entrants and in-service
    professionals to make informed decisions on career choices and skills upgrading
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Community Chest celebrates spirit of giving at the annual christmas on A Great Street light-up with inclusive employers
Community Chest-supported programmes promoting inclusive hiring in FY2017 enabled more than 850 social service users to be employed and achieve independence
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NCSS Study Reveals that Workplace Adjustments in Companies Will Address Barriers to Hiring Persons with Mental Health Conditions
  • Findings highlight that workplace adjustments have wide ranging benefits for companies and all its employees
  • NCSS partners with the WorkWell Leaders Workgroup – a grounds-up collective of private and public-sector leaders – to champion for workplace wellbeing as a priority
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Community Chest Awards Celebrate Holistic Caring with Three New Award Categories
Organisations and individuals demonstrate holistic caring through giving of time, talents and treasures, with some embracing inclusive employment.
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Olympic Champion Joseph Schooling Leads “Champion for a Good Cause” In Partnership with Community Chest
Fresh off a victorious outing at the recent Asian Games 2018, Singapore’s first and only Olympic champion Joseph Schooling went back to the pool, this time for a good cause. In an inaugural partnership with Community Chest, Joseph Schooling led a swim clinic “Champion for a Good Cause”, with children from CARE Singapore, a social service organisation supported by Community Chest at the Temasek Club. Supported by six other swim coaches from his own swim school, Swim Schooling and SportCares, Schooling spent around an hour sharing his experiences as an athlete with 12 social service users, aged 12 to 14 years old, from CARE Singapore.
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