Social Service Scholarship

The Social Service Scholarship offers outstanding individuals opportunities to pursue a career in social service. With over 500 agencies across Singapore, there are diverse roles available for those seeking to make a meaningful impact on society. As a social service professional, you will support people in need across 5 main social service areas: 


During the course of studies, scholars will be given opportunities to participate in training and development programmes and engage regularly with sector leaders. Such initiatives will enable you to hone your professional and leadership skills, leaving you fully equipped to make a great impact as a leader in the social service sector.

Potential Career Path

Upon graduation, scholars will be deployed to work at one of NCSS’ 500 member agencies, and you can expect to be rotated across agencies to experience working in different areas/domains during their tenure. Scholars can also look forward to development support during their employment, to allow deepening of practice skills and leadership development, and through the postings, scholars can acquire breadth of sector knowledge and depth of practice experience. 




Additional Question on Community Involvement for SSS/SSA Application

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