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From To SSA Name Event Name Appr Ref No
details 15/06/2023 18/06/2023 Food from the Heart Roadshow at Metro Paragon 2023050306
details 10/06/2023 10/06/2023 BABES PREGNANCY CRISIS SUPPORT LTD. Sentosa Fair 2023060321
details 10/06/2023 10/06/2023 Bethel Community Services BCS Flag Day 2023 2023050313
details 10/06/2023 09/09/2023 Realm of Tranquility MY SUPPORT THROUGH THE FLOWER LANGUAGE 2023060322
details 01/06/2023 31/08/2023 Singapore Heart Foundation Direct Debit Donor Program 2023050318
details 01/06/2023 08/07/2023 Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) A Very Special Walk 2023 2023040291
details 31/05/2023 31/05/2023 ALIFE LTD. aLife Flag Day 2023 2023050307
details 31/05/2023 28/08/2023 BILBY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT LTD. Direct Hope x Bilby CDL Bookmark Sale 2023050319
details 27/05/2023 28/05/2023 Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association SAMBA Masala street performance 2023050310
details 24/05/2023 31/10/2023 NCSS CHARITABLE FUND SSDB - Love In Many Languages 2023050311
details 23/05/2023 21/08/2023 SOCIAL HEALTH GROWTH LTD. House-to-House, Street Sale, Collection 2023050317
details 21/05/2023 11/08/2023 Sian Chay Medical Institution 2023 Q3 B2B COLLECTIONS 2023050315
details 21/05/2023 20/08/2023 Sian Chay Medical Institution 2023 Q3 STREET COLLECTIONS 2023050314
details 20/05/2023 21/05/2023 SINGHEALTH FUND NNI Brain Awareness 2023 2023050303
details 20/05/2023 30/07/2023 New Hope Community Services Love Our Neighbour Community Carnival 2023040284
details 19/05/2023 28/05/2023 NUHS Fund Limited Ikebana 2023 2023040295
details 19/05/2023 19/05/2023 CASA RAUDHA LTD. Mosque Friday Collection 2023 2023040294
details 18/05/2023 30/09/2023 Singapore Cancer Society SCS Advocate DDDP Programme (May – Sep 2023) 2023050305
details 18/05/2023 18/05/2023 SPECIAL OLYMPICS ASIA PACIFIC, LTD. Award Winning Film and Panel Discussion on the Power of Inclusion, 18 May 2023, 6.30 pm to 9.00pm 2023050304
details 18/05/2023 22/07/2023 SINGAPORE SCOUT ASSOCIATION, THE Job Week 2023 2023040292

Verify Fund Raising Event

You can check if a social service agency has a valid permit to raise funds from the public via the following methods:


SMS Verification Service by Charities Unit, MCCY
SMS “FR<space><NCSS Approval No.>” to  79777 (e.g. FR 2011130000)


QR Code
Scan the code with your smartphone.
You can download the QR Code scanner software from your smartphone’s app store.

C)Search for the Agency name on Charity Portal - List of approved Fund Raising Permit
D)Go to NCSS webpage >Funding, Schemes and Common Services > Fund Raising Permits. Select the agency name by the drop down list

The ‘NCSS Approval No.’ can be found on the Collector’s Certificate of Authority (CCA) that all collectors are obliged to carry with them. View the sample CCA and where to find the NCSS Approval No.

Click here to view the fund-raising events approved by the Police Licensing Division

View the Advisory for Fund-raisers doing Street Collections amidst COVID-19 [as of April 2020]