Corporate Volunteering


We encourage corporate and group volunteers to engage in regular volunteerism for sustainable impact in the social service sector. Not only do regular volunteers help to better meet the needs of SSAs, they also help to increase community engagement and improve the quality of life of service users with their presence.

Regular volunteering benefits both service users and the giver. Studies show that regular volunteering motivates employees, boosts team morale and encourages team bonding!

How Do I Start My Volunteering Journey With A Social Service Agency?


Corporate or group volunteers can develop a volunteering partnership with an SSA using the steps in the diagram below as a guide. For more information, download our Corporate Volunteerism Guide and Guide on Service-based Volunteering Partnership Models.

To find out more how you can start your corporate volunteering partnership with our social service agencies, you may contact Community Chest at


Corporate volunteering can be convenient and accessible! Watch the video to get some tips on corporate volunteering.


Successful Volunteering Partnership Stories

Get inspired by stories on regular and sustainable volunteer partnerships in the social service sector. Hear from volunteers from both large corporations and small medium enterprises who have committed to giving their time meaningfully to the cause they believe in.

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