Closure of The Courage Fund Relief Schemes
SINGAPORE, 24 May 2022 – Close to 30,000 individuals who required support during the COVID-19 pandemic have benefitted from The Courage Fund (TCF). The beneficiaries included healthcare and other frontline workers who stepped up with courage in the thick of the pandemic, and lower-income households directly affected by COVID-19. Following the adjustment in Singapore’s Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) status on 26 April 2022, and extensive easing of community and border measures, MSF and NCSS have reviewed and will close all TCF COVID-19 relief schemes with immediate effect.Those who had been certified as COVID-positive before 24 May 2022 can still apply.
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NCSS’ Beyond The Label Focuses On Addressing Stigma, Empowering Youths And Promoting Family And Community Support For Persons With Mental Health Conditions
The fourth edition of the Beyond the Label (BTL) public education movement by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) will focus on addressing stigma, targeting youths, and parents. The year-long movement was launched today at the BTL Fest – the movement’s signature festival, by Parliamentary Secretary for Social and Family Development, Mr Eric Chua.
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Social Service Summit 2021 Charts Transformation for a Future-Ready Sector with Launch of Two New Initiatives

The Industry Digital Plan for Social Services (IDPSS) and the Empowerment Guide were launched to support transformation efforts for the sector. These initiatives are developed in alignment with the Social Service Sector Strategic Thrust (4ST) five-year roadmap, and ladders up to the SSA 3.0 vision for a social service sector that constantly seeks ways to deliver services in more effective forms; is adaptive to leverage technology and innovation; invests in building up leadership, manpower and organisational capabilities; and which is able to harness the strengths of the community to deliver effective outcomes for service users. 


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Taskforce to Launch Guide on Strengthening the Social Service Sector Beyond COVID-19

Recommendations from the Beyond COVID-19 Taskforce were released today in a guide for social service agencies (SSAs) and stakeholders to strengthen the resilience of the social service sector in managing future challenges, titled “Emerging Stronger Together – A Guide Beyond COVID-19”. The Taskforce is a Singapore Together Alliance for Action set up by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) in May 2020, to support the sector in responding to COVID-19 and propose directions and plans for a stronger social service sector in the longer term.

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Strengthening Volunteer Management Capabilities of Social Service Agencies through NCSS' Enhanced Volunteer Manager Funding Scheme

Since the launch of the NCSS Enhanced Volunteer Manager Funding Scheme (Enhanced VMFS) on 19 August 2020, 44 professionals, managers and executives have been hired under the scheme as dedicated volunteer managers at social service agencies (SSAs), with 6 more coming on board in the coming months. The two-year scheme supports SSAs in obtaining manpower that can help them transform and adapt their services in the new normal through strengthening their volunteer management capacity. 

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