SSA Digitalisation Stages
SSAs can consider adopting the relevant technology according to their agencies’ digital readiness and needs.



Eligible SSAs may consider taking up the following types of Pre-scoped IT Solutions and Green Lane solutions supported by Start Digital

  • Corporate Functions and Other Solutions are applicable to both the social service sector and other industries, such as in the areas of inventory tracking, workforce management and financial management. These have been assessed by the Info-comm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to be effective, market-tested and cost-reasonable. Some of these solutions are COVID-19 solutions that have been pre-approved by IMDA for a limited time to address business continuity challenges arising from COVID-19.
  • Stakeholder Management Solutions that can meet the needs specific to the social service sector. These solutions have been assessed by IMDA. Click here to find out more about Sector-specific solutions.

icon Corporate Functions & Other Solutions

icon Stakeholder Management Solutions

IT Solution Comparison for SSAs
To help you compare features and functions between similar IT solutions, we have provided comparison charts. Visit the links below to access the respective comparison charts:

  • SSAs are not eligible for Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) funding. SSAs must tap on Start Digital to obtain funding for pre-scoped IT solutions.
  • Reference to the Early Childhood industry as it is the most applicable to SSAs.
  • All Covid-19 solutions have been delisted from the GoBusiness website after 31 Dec 2020. SSAs can still tap on Start Digital to receive funding for these solutions Click here for Covid-19 solutions .
If your agency has any enquiries, please contact Tech-and-GO@ncss.gov.sg .