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Tech Subsidy for Charities

IT Solutions for Charities


The ICT grant provides co-funding for Charities to harness ICT and digital transformation projects. The funding aims to make it more affordable for Charities to take up IT solutions from the adoption of pre-scoped solutions to digitise data and automate processes. Charities can enjoy up to 80% subsidy capped at $40,000, supported up to 3 years.

Please ensure your vendor uses the quotation templates when submitting the quotation to NCSS.

Apply for CCF-ICT funding here.


Go Digital

Go Digital funding aims to support Charities in implementing large-scale/specialised IT solutions for optimal resource utilisation and improved productivity. Charities can enjoy up to 80 per cent subsidy capped at $300,000.

Applicants should submit a preliminary assessment form at www.go.gov.sg/tngprelim for assessment before submission of application on the OSG portal. Please note that if your agency has not submitted a preliminary assessment, your application runs the risk of being rejected.

Please also ensure your vendor includes this cost schedule template within the proposal when submitting the quotation to NCSS.

Apply for Go Digital funding here.